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Tiny young cutie’s pussy squeezes his cock as she cums over and over


This commercial porn shoot with Mae Olsen and Mark Ashley stands out because Mae is so responsive — clearly out of control cumming over and over and totally lost in her own sensations once he starts pleasuring her. Mark seems amazed at how her little pussy squeezes his cock every time she cums. He gets her to squirt a couple of times too.





Resolution, videography, lighting, sound all excellent.

More hot animated gifs at eroticsnippets

More hot animated gifs at eroticsnippets

Skinny blonde cums and cums, making skinny guy squirt high


This clip is charming because they appear to be genuine amateurs, or at least unspoiled and spontaneous (neither takes their socks off), filming themselves, enjoying it, laughing, and getting seriously aroused.


She sits coyly on a red bed, with refrigerators behind, while he turns on the camera and joins her, his cock bulging in his undies. They kiss and he begins rubbing her pussy through her panties (good technique, pay attention guys), while she fondles his cock thru his undies.


She pulls down his undies and bursts out laughing as his cock springs out at the ready, slapping on his abs.


After a bit of cocksucking, at 2 min, she strips off her panties, tossing them away and laughing. At 2:20 she spits on her hand and applies it to his cock and her pussy, in preparation for penetration. She assumes doggy position and loves feeling it slide in. She pushes her cute little rump rhythmically against him, immediately becoming excited, moaning and panting for real. Her body tenses up and she has her first orgasm at 3 min, followed by a huge smile. By 3:30 she’s getting excited again, and probably cums again at 4:00. She gets up on her knees and he keeps fucking her sweet behind causing her to cum #3 at 4:40.


Here there a series of rapid editing cuts so sadly some of her orgasms were probably cut out. At the end they are doing missionary and he pulls out at 5:45 and fires a nicely arcing volley over her tummy while she giggles (see snapshot at top), followed by 4 more shallower shots.

Fixed camera a bit far away but nothing goes out of frame. Good lighting and sound (after the refrigerator goes off at 1:44).

Amateur make-out videos

Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. Here are some of the videos I was referring to. Until about 6 minutes then it ends.


eroticballet replies: Thanks for these submissions! Yes, they are truly amateur and really hot!

Gorgeous dark-nippled brunette takes her pleasure


The video begins with some thin acting with thin lines. But its nice that they made the effort to tell a story, not simply fuck. Its revenge sex. At 13 min, she starts cowgirl. It is quickly urgent and vigorous, and already by 15 min she has her first strong and unmistakably real orgasm. And wow, resumes immediately and has #2 less than a minute later! They do a few more positions, which she seems to enjoy immensely. I like that when he pulls out at the end he is already ejaculating from the excitement of fucking this responsive sexy beauty!

Resolution good. Videography, sound, lighting: excellent.

Slippin’ and slidin’ between those sexy thighs!


Good videos of intercrural sex — or thigh fucking — are rare. Here are a couple where the guy ejaculates while thrusting his cock between those smooth sexy thighs, legs held tightly together, wtih his hot needy cock teased right up against her pussy — but no penetration allowed!


Most of the above video is run of the mill, but there’s a minute of great thigh fucking starting at 4:35. He is fully clothed, unzipped, while she has no panties on.

image  image

It takes him less than a minute to ejaculate, dripping down her legs.


Here is another one:


After a little nylon teasing, the thigh fucking begins at 15:45. She keeps her stockings and panties on. He drops his trousers. At 17 they start a standing outercourse fuck.


At 20:40 he ejaculates all down her stockings.


Also you may enjoy this earlier post of Asian intercrural sex with ejaculation. And the related posts of Assjobs.

One AMAZING thing happened to me today with my boyfriend. Everything was going like normal, but about thirty seconds before my orgasm, I started taking really deep breaths. I never realized it, but I often hold my breath, or take really quick, shallow breaths during sex, or when I’m…

Hey, love your page. I was wondering, where can I find true amateur videos of dry humping, doing assjobs, kissing etc? I know what it is I want to find, but I'm having a ton of trouble looking for it. I'll try to explain an example. It's like the couple is making out and the woman is using her leg to get the guy off, then maybe he goes on top of her then humps her ass all while making out with her. Can you lead me in the right direction?

Hello, thanks for writing! I agree that what you describe is very hot. Especially with their clothes on (or partly on). It falls under “outercourse”. Have you looked thru eroticballet thoroughly? (see below*) There are a number similar to what you describe. They seem very hard to find. And some are not true amateur. Most true amateur videos are simple fucking. Now for commercial options. There are a few girl-girl videos at massagerooms with wonderful ass humping. In general, I think they have some of the most erotic boy girl porn too. The closest I’ve seen to what you describe is voyeur videos of couples making out in public places. Some of them don’t fuck but they just get each other off with their hands. The sexual tension is palpable! These are low resolution, jerky because shot from long distance, usually no sound. The best commercial site I know of is voyeur4you, namely their “sex in public” section. Some of their other sections are obviously staged and I don’t find those erotic at all.

At eroticballet:

If you find any gems, please share!


I get lots of random asks about this kind of stuff. Like this for example:

I need birth control to reduce period cramps, but I don’t want to tell my mom I’ve had sex. Is there any way the doctor could know if I have or haven’t if I tell him I haven’t!?”

Here are a few things you should…

Petite, Passionate, and Multiorgasmic!


Here are two videos of “Gina G. and Dane” (DaneJones). Gina is unusually passionate, completely losing herself, eyes closed, in her arousal and the TEN orgasms you will see here! Despite this being a commercial porn shoot, there is nothing fake about her!


Here, Dane takes the lead. Putting his hand in her panties and kissing her seems to really turn Gina on — she squirms, moans, and thrusts her hips deliciously.


At 3:30 he starts cunnilingus and, after all that sweet foreplay,  it looks like that makes her cum in less than half a minute. And less than a minute later (4:20) cums #2.


Now they fondle each other with their hands and shortly she tenses up and has #3.


After the obligatory cock sucking, she climbs aboard for some ‘sideways cowgirl’ and this seems to bring on orgasm #4 (at 7:45, see snapshot at top). Around 8:40 she grimaces through climax #5, and already at 9:05 cums #6.


A cut to her giving herself over completely to more cunnilingus leading to earthquake #7 about 9:50. A little missionary and then some doggie. Nice view of her anus rising and falling in her butt crack with each insertion of Dane’s ample member. It isn’t long till he jizzes uncontrollably over her sweet perky little butt!



Here, Gina takes the lead, climbing onto Dane (both fully clothed at first). Then she does a little strip tease for him. She climbs on top of the (still clothed) Dane and kisses him, pulls off his pants, and mouths his cock for a bit. She climbs on his face for what appears to be climax #1.


She does a little footsie on his cock, and then Dane gets on top for some missionary. It is so delicious to see a woman fuck back, thrusting her hips up needily in missionary position! Dane humps away and at 8:00 she is having orgasm #2. Some nice doggy, and then some spooning fucking and wham she is cumming again at 11:00! (#3). This pushes Dane over the edge and he spurts over her flat little tummy.

The volume of Dane’s semen is modest in both videos, so I suspect that he came before each shoot to help with control. I would have preferred to see his early quick ejaculations too, so hot and natural!

Resolution, videography, lighting, and sound are all excellent!