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Each entry below contains a link to a free video. It is easy to find a free add-on/extension for the Firefox browser that lets you download these streaming flash videos as .flv files. One I like is called Ant Video Downloader. It is also easy to find free players for the downloaded files.

Unrushed passionate energetic lovemaking


A cute, good-looking young amateur couple goes at it for a full hour. She is very responsive and cums over and over, intensely. She loves sex and loves his attention. He loves to please her and has amazing staying power and an ample endowment. Real sex, about real satisfaction, yet quite entertaining and erotic as well! This video is a rare treat!

Because this is an hour long, I recommend that you download it and then you can skip around quickly. The Ant Video Downloader for Firefox will capture most streaming videos. On Macs, Elmedia Player or VLC are great free players.

They tease and arouse each other for quite a while — great foreplay. Fucking starts at 13:45. She has an amazing orgasm at 15 min, another at 17. At 19 she is very squirmy on the bed, and cums perhaps several times, definitely at 22:55. Many more. Then they start anal at 41:30 and she cums repeatedly that way too.

Finally she strokes him over her tummy and he fires away at 57:15.

Resolution: poor. Lighting: OK. Self-filmed, some POV, some fixed camera. Erotic passion: Exceptional!

Keep your pants on but hold me tight while I tease you and get myself off!


A lovely young woman in a cheerleader outfit strips for her boyfriend, to seductive music, while he watches and films her.

She rubs her breasts and pussy and dances longingly. Cut to her lying on her back on the bed, nude, masturbating with her hand. At 5:30, cut to her fucking herself with … a cucumber?

At 6:30, cut to fixed camera and her boyfriend gets on the bed with her. They kiss as he holds her and fondles her breast and she continues pumping the cucumber. She closes her eyes and begins panting and moaning softly as she rocks her hips.

By 8 min she is getting quite turned on! At 8:50 he needs to adjust his undoubtedly rock-hard cock — turns out he is wearing shorts! At 9:05 we briefly see the bulge in his pants pressing against her leg. At 9:35 she starts a long beautiful orgasm. After her climax, she relaxes, smiles broadly, and they kiss lovingly. Either his pants are already wet, or if not I sure hope she’s going to give him some loving attention, but the video ends here. A truly sweet little clip!

At 5:28, there are a few seconds of a deleted scene, where she may be giving him a lapdance. The imagination runs wild!

Resolution: poor. Light: varies, but mostly OK. Sound: good. Videography: not bad. Some editing cuts. Erotic tension: out the roof!

Hi there, I love to see a cock pump seed into a cute pussy, but seem to have difficulty finding videos/compilations that show that. I specifically like to see vids similar to the 'Filling ‘er up' gif posted earlier on your page (so you can actually see the cock pulsate as it orgasms). Any ideas? Or is there a specifc terminology I should search? Love your blog btw!

I share your enthusiasm! Did you notice my tag ‘pulsating-creampies’? At the top of the main page of eroticballet, click on that. There aren’t many but they are really hot! I’m keeping my eye open for more good ones and I’ll post when/if I find some. There are some compilations that purport to show the pulsating cock, but don’t. I haven’t posted those.  If you think about it, its hard for the guy to hold still enough and pull out some while his cock is pumping so we can really see the pulses! And if you or anyone finds something you think I’ll like, please ‘ask’ or submit a link to it!

No fucking, but we can both cum!



A beautiful girl, fully clothed, gives her man a blowjob in this POV amateur video. He pushes down her bra and plays with a nipple, which she seems to enjoy. At 2:30 she sits up, plays with her tits a little, and removes her pants. He pushes her panties aside and caresses her pussy — she arches her back, breathes heavily, and is obviously sooooo ready for his attention! imageAt 4:20 she takes over rubbing her clit with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. At 4:45 he starts caressing her breasts and this seems to push her up to the edge … at 4:55 she screams “ah ich komme” (German for “Oh I’m cumming”) and writhes through a beautiful orgasm

He tells her he wants to cum in her mouth and she obliges, letting his semen dribble out after.image

Does she wish to remain a virgin? No condom? Regardless, great sexual tension, mutual masturbation and release! Only thing is this guy needs to learn how to give as well as he gets — giving her oral and learning if she likes having him get her off by himself. But its sweet that they shared this sexy and cute phase of their relationship!

Resolution: so so. Sound and lighting: OK. Videography: amateur POV. Erotic tension and release: superb!

Skinny teen cums 3X with supreme orgasmic flush



Two slim teen girls with small breasts fuck a buff man with a large cock who is lying on his back on the floor of a large (public?) bathroom. The girl with brown hair goes first, and probably cums 3X but her orgasms are quiet. Meanwhile the girl with black hair is face sitting. At 3 min the black-haired girl mounts his rod in reverse cowgirl. As she bounces on his stiffy, and her girlfriend rubs her clit, she quickly reaches orgasm (3:40), tensing and wrinkling up her skinny flat stomach as a wonderful orgasmic flush appears over her chest, upper arms, and cheeks. (That’s what cheek blush/rouge makeup is all about, you know!) She cums two more times in short order at 4:20 (without clit rubbing) and 4:55. Each time the gorgeous flush reappears. (The guy probably came mostly inside her on that last one — he strokes a bit but no semen is visible.) A good time was evidently had by all :)

The amazing flush takes about 10 sec from initial signs to peak, and about 10 sec to dissipate. Not every woman shows the orgasmic flush so clearly.

Other ladies with a dramatic orgasmic flush are seen in More satisfying by the dozen

and in She can’t help cumming so hard …

and in Horny young brunette hottie cums eight times …,

Cheek flushes without such a clear chest flush are seen in I love it when you make me cum over and over ….

Resolution: good. Lighting, sound, videography: excellent.


Its gorgeous how expressive this young woman is as she humps her pillow and lets pleasure overwhelm and envelop her!


is there a term for a girl getting off by rubbing her pussy against another girl’s butt? cause it’s my new favorite thing

This is really beautiful and I love the aftershocks of the girl on top!


is there any greater turn-on than the sound of the last remaining person leaving the house

Put your hand in my pants and rub my pussy, baby (in public!)



A group of 5 or more Russian (?) friends are playing around on a public bench on the street. Looks like a cell phone video, very amateurish, and very real! At 1:25 a gorgeous brunette rubs her pussy a little while the cameraman peeks down her pants.


Around 1:40 the cameraman pulls down her shirt and she does some nipple play. Through most of the rest of this clip, a guy sitting next to the girl has his hand in her pants rubbing her pussy — and she has her hand in his pants.


She laughs a lot and is clearly enjoying all the attention. At 9:20 a guy puts his hand down her shirt. Then a passerby comments. At 10:30 she reaches out and gropes the cock of the cameraman thru his pants. Around 11:30 she starts rocking her hips and moaning. About 12:00 she gets a serious look, closes her eyes, and may be cumming (see snapshot at top).

Any volunteers to translate some salient parts?

Resolution: OK. Light and sound: good. Videography: Horribly amateurish and jerky.

Don’t cum in my pussy until I make you!



This girl plays around and then sits on his cock at 3:40, sliding it into her pussy. He stays hard while she teases him with slowwww cowgirl action for about 6 min. I love the closeup of his hard hot throbbing cock just aching to cum while she is barely moving. At 10 min, she starts bouncing on his cock, he thrusts back and cums deep inside her. (We don’t get a good view of his cock pumping because he’s deep inside.)


Videography: closeup. Sound: good. Lighting: dim. Sexual tension: great!