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Urgent energetic dildo humping spells relief!

A gorgeous young brunette girl gives herself waves of intense pleasure in this hi-res clip.


This very beautiful and cute, sweet, small-breasted girl with wavy auburn hair, wearing glasses and a T shirt (only!), lays on her back and begins to pleasure herself with her hand, and then with a large rubber dildo. At 3:35 she gets out her industrial strength vibrator and takes off her T shirt (yum!). Excitement is beginning to build about 5:20, and around 6:45 she has an orgasm that goes on for awhile (!) and then another about 8:00.

At 9:30 the real fun begins. She puts the dildo on a stool, sits on it, and starts fucking it energetically.

She works it hard with a great deal of enthusiasm. At 12:45 she puts her feet on the stool so now she is squatting and bouncing on the dildo.

It is not clear to me whether she is having orgasms (maybe at 13:00) but she seems to be enjoying herself immensely (along with some acting while she watches the video monitor). Regardless, the view of her young, supple, smooth, writhing body is delicious.

Resolution, sound and lighting: Excellent! Mostly fixed camera (she is not filming herself), some edits.

Slim petite girl gets off!

A skinny girl with streaked hair enjoys herself in this seemingly amateur home video.

WATCH THE VIDEO   (10 min)

The first half is unremarkable except they seem like a real couple with some chemistry and communication and brief foreplay. She gives him head and they make out for a minute, then he does her missionary.

She climbs on for cowgirl at 6:15. She rubs her pussy on his cock in a wonderful slow rhythm, speeding up then slowing down then going for it. At 8 min she has a serious orgasm; she keeps going and at 8:45 bucks and moans into a more intense one.

They change to doggie and at the end he spurts over her butt but the resolution is too poor to see much.

Fixed camera, no editing cuts. Resolution: poor. Lighting: so-so. Sound: poor (unintelligible conversation with louder ticking clock). Passion: outstanding!

My favorite blog. Love this subject. Keep On posting please

Thanks very much! With many, many hours of ‘research’, I’ve located a dozen or so more clips that I like. Now I have to find the time to post them :)



What does consent look like?
via VitaminW

I wish it said “all people” instead of “both people.” Sigh.
But other than that, I like this because it’s so simple.



What does consent look like?

via VitaminW

I wish it said “all people” instead of “both people.” Sigh.

But other than that, I like this because it’s so simple.

Horny young amateur blonde cums over and over on his cock!


A cute young couple has a good fuck — both are passionate and enjoying themselves. This is self-filmed amateur sex at its best — and at home. It is real raw enthusiastic fun needy sex, and he moans just as loudly as she does!


A cute young couple on a couch are making out and undressing each other, with Beatles music and other classics playing. They are clearly having fun, teasing a bit, laughing. The large lump in his shorts reveals that he is quite aroused. Around 4:30 she begins licking his cock and he moans and writhes and shivers with ecstasy. There is nothing mechanical about her attention to his cock — she is clearly enjoying giving him immense pleasure and does so with attentive variation.

At 9 min, she pulls off her thong and climbs aboard, evidently quite wet. She can hardly control herself (but why should she?!) — she thrusts with loud moans and vigorous abandon on his cock.


At 11 min she has her first orgasm, arching her back, eyes closed, squirming on his cock.


Before a minute is up she starts another round of vigorous thrusting and cums again at 12:20. Quickly she starts riding him hard again but they knock a telephone off a shelf briefly interrupting the passion. At 13:45 she screams as she cums again. She gets up and adjusts the camera as he watches. They sip some tea to rehydrate.

Now some doggie, but she is not passive! She rears back enthusiastically, and at 15:25 screams with another orgasm.


At 15:45 he can’t hold back anymore and pumps her full while she keeps squirming on his cock. He caresses her pussy a little, they cuddle, laugh, and relax. So sweet!


Resolution: not bad. Lighting, so so. Videography: fixed camera. This is a single unedited take.

For those of you who think that radical feminists exaggerate or cherry-pick the worst of the porn industry, I have an experiment for you. Type ‘porn’ into Google and click around the most well-travelled websites that appear. With mind-numbing repetition you will see gagging, slapping, verbal abuse, hair-pulling, pounding anal sex, women smeared in semen, sore anuses and vaginas, distended mouths, and more exhausted, depleted and shell-shocked women than you can count. You will not see two people having sex; you will see images depicting a level of physical cruelty that would not be out of place in an Amnesty International campaign. One of the only studies of contemporary pornographic content found that the majority of scenes from fifty of the top-rented porn movies contained both physical and verbal abuse targeted against the female performers. Physical aggression – including spanking, open-hand slapping and gagging – occurred in over 88% of scenes, while expressions of verbal aggression – calling the woman names such as ‘bitch’ or ‘slut’ – were found in 48%. The researchers concluded that ‘if we combine both physical and verbal aggression, our findings indicate that nearly 90 per cent of scenes contained at least one aggressive act, with an average of nearly twelve acts of aggression per scene’. [x]

That this is the major form of sex education for men should be taken very seriously by the women’s movement. The same men who get off from women being brutalised and called cunts, sluts and cum-dumpsters are the ones who go on to become politicians, corporate executives, judges, media professionals, policy makers and bankers. In other words, they become the economic and cultural elite that shape the material and ideological world that determines how women – and their children – will live. Most of them will become partners and fathers. To assume that porn is mere fantasy and does not impact on the way men think and feel is to ignore decades of research on how images frame our social construction of reality.

"Porn and the Misogyny Emergency" — Gail Dines (via bemyonlyflame)

(via fuckingrapeculture)

i don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum, be they men or women who like aggressive porn. but this does make an excellent point about the trends to which we acclimate. like as with any media, we need literacy training around porn. Like what you like, but be cognizant of how it fits into the larger world and be ready to acknowledge its habituation effects on you.

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Reblogging both for the information itself and Timaree’s comment.

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Slim brunette cums every whichway!


Here’s another shoot with the same couple as the previous post (More satisfying by the dozen): a delicious multi-orgasmic slim brunette (with a star tattooed on each hip) and the buff guy who looks reminiscent of a young Bruce Willis. This one ends in a pulsating anal creampie.


At 20 sec, they are both kneeling, kissing, and rubbing each other — very hot! She cums in about 10 sec!


Next they are doing missionary (see snapshot at the top) and at 1:20 she has a wonderful strong quivering orgasm, laughing with delight afterwards. Then its anal in a spooning position. She rubs her clit and at 2:30 starts a nice orgasm, some of which is edited out. Continuing that position he is rubbing her clit and she is laughing but can’t help bucking through another orgasm at 2:50.


On to doggie (and back to vaginal) and at 3:55 she has a squirting orgasm.


Then he starts rubbing her clit again, giving her a screaming whole-body quivering orgasm at 4:20. Now some slow anal pumping and at 5:20 we see his cock pulsing as he makes a lovely creampie.


Resolution, videography, lighting: excellent.

More satisfying by the dozen!


A young slim lovely petite brunette with small breasts has over a dozen intense orgasms, some with quivering legs, while fucking a guy who looks a little like a young very buff Bruce Willis. His technique is rough and aggressive.


The video opens watching her behind as she does cowgirl on the guy sitting on a couch. She rides intently and already at 40 sec she is having her first orgasm. She continues to cum several more times. At 1:45 she pulls off his cock and her legs quiver as she has an especially intense orgasm. She can hardly talk but she manages SO GOOD! and at 2:45 it happens again.

Just before 3 min, they change to her on her back. Her toes are nicely curled on both feet. At 3:35 she yells “OH I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN” and 10 sec later his cock pops out and she quivers through another orgasm, arching her back. At 4:35 she is rubbing her clit while he pounds her and she yells “OH CUMMING” and goes again. He lifts her legs to his shoulder and she says OH I LIKE THIS POSITION A LOT. At 5:45 she is cumming again with a nice pink flush above her breasts, arching and whole-body quivering.


At 6:15 they start reverse cowgirl, he periodically rubs her clit while she rides, and she cums over and over. At 9:20 they change to doggie. At 10:00, he stops pounding and she is apparently right on the edge - she quivers, grabs her own throat, and seems to cum. At 10:15 they start spooning position and she cums.


At 10:55 he starts licking her pussy and fingering her G spot, and at 11:30 she starts an intense quivering bucking orgasm. UH HUH … THAT FELT SO GOOD she laughs as she has a moment to recover. He fucks her some more with her hips up and her legs over his knees, and she cums again around 12:00.


He gets them into an acrobatic position and at 13:25 she starts major quivering and a huge orgasm. Back to cowgirl and more orgasms, a strong one at 14:45.


One more position, some more orgasms, and they’re done (he jerks off in her mouth).

This is a commercial porn shoot with a roving videographer. Sound, resolution and videography are good. Lighting varies due to bright windows behind the actors.


People write me asking:

When should I lose my virginity? How can I tell I’m ready? I have *tons* of horny feelings, but I’m nervous about it too. How do you know it’s the right time to have sex with someone?

Well, losing your virginity is a bit like going SCUBA diving for the first…